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Hello!From Japan original posterFIorin dateF2020/04/02(Thu) 19:59 No.12

I'm Hiromi Nakagawara. Nickname is Iorin.

I am a 47 year old mother with two children. I live in Saga Prefecture, famous for Japan's Arita porcelain, Yoshinogari archeological site, and balloon festival in autumn.

I love writing letters, reading story books, drawing illustrations, and folding origami.

I work at the municipal library. Of course, it's a book job. I also love reading books. (Especially a picture book)
Takkyubin's baggage is sorted for 3 hours, but I have to work when I have time.

I am not used to writing letters in English.
I want to be a pen friend with me.
No matter the age, please be a woman.

(I don't know if the letter will arrive successfully, so I'd like to exchange it by email for a while. I'd like to send it when things are over.)

I am waiting for your reply.
thank you for reading

Greeting from Japan! original posterFNana dateF2019/12/24(Tue) 20:47 No.1

Hello! ^o^ I'm Nanako and English name is Nina.
I'm 37 year old female and I live in Tokyo, Japan.
I'd like to make snail mail pen pals especially from USA, Canada, Europe, Taiwan.
Your gender and age don't matter.
I'm very interested in your country and people.
I'd be so happy if we could enjoy corresponding and share cultures, the way of thinking.
I like listening to music, watch the movie, reading the books, travel and playing video game.
I prefer writing a letter to e-mail because it's more personal than e-mail. It would be great if we could talk about anything through correspondence.
I'm an open-minded person, so feel free to reply to me.^^
Thank you for reading my message.

Friendship - Kama 2020/01/17(Fri) 17:49 No.2
Hi Nana

I am Kamal from Nepal male looking penpals global in 2020. I like culture, nature and wildlife photography, travel and talk with peoples, reading book, and exchange gift, writing letter, Waiting your response to me and friendship 2020 Both postal or email
Kamal Po Box 12476 Kathmandu Nepal. Welcome to Nepal

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